Difference between V1 and V2

First value V1:  

Second value V2:

Introduction to the calculation of the relative change: Relative change and difference on Wikipedia

In mathematics, the percentage difference aims to calculate the evolution of a numerical quantity between two data. This rate of change is given as a percentage, whether positive or negative.

How to calculate a percentage difference?
The mathematical formula of this calculation is very simple: ((Ve-Vi) / Vi) * 100 where Ve is the end value and Vi the initial value.

How the tool works: Fill in the initial and end values (decimal numbers are allowed with the ".") and then press the Enter key or the Calculate button. It is possible to calculate a positive or negative relative change.

Welcome on our website, the only site allowing the online calculation of the relative change, also called the relative difference.

Useful in many fields (economy, finance, accounting, statistics, etc), the relative change can quickly and easily demonstrate a positive or negative evolution between two data. This tool also allows the calculation of a growth rate.
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